What is Wall Boy?

Wall Boy is a short film based on a true story. It is the tale of a vulnerable 16 year old boy who is forced to work as a prostitute at Sydney’s notorious “The Wall” on Darlinghurst Road. Given the subject matter the film cannot be made as a documentary, so instead it is being produced as a short fiction film by the team that made “The Oasis”, which went inside the Salvation Army’s youth outreach service to draw attention to the lives of Sydney’s homeless young people.

In 2008 the Federal Government released a White Paper on the topic of homelessness in Australia. Wall Boy is relevant to the identified priorities around a national child protection strategy and plans to ameliorate youth homelessness.

How it works

Wall Boy will be accompanied by a study guide and interactive website. The film will be distributed to schools, youth centres, social work courses and social welfare organisations. The film will also seek a national television screening, plus an Australian and international festival release.

Why it works

Wall Boy puts a human face and story to the frightening statistics on youth homelessness. The film has an important role to play in educating the community, youth workers and policy makers working on this field. It will also be an effective fundraising tool for charitable organisations working with young people at risk.

Teamed with a comprehensive outreach and education strategy, the film can act as a powerful deterrent for young people at risk of running away from home, motivating them to seek other options.

What role did SCF play?

Along with a number of other philanthropic foundations, the SCF made a donation to the production budget of this film. The donation was made from the SCF’s tax deductible fund, which receives donations from members of the Sydney community. These donations are pooled and invested in perpetuity, earning interest that can be used to make grants such as this.