Sydney Women's Fund a Subfund of the Sydney Community Foundation

Investing in Women and children to build a better community

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“The Sydney Women’s Fund works for a community where all women and girls achieve their potential to live safely without fear of discrimination or disadvantage, and enjoy the full benefits of life in Sydney.”

Rosalind Strong AM, Chair Sydney Community Foundation

The Sydney Women’s Fund is a network of inspired women who give as a force for change.

We welcome you to give and to join this special circle of women leaders in the Sydney Community.

Their generosity helps women and children in Sydney to thrive, with the aim of making Sydney a strong, safe, vibrant community with opportunity for everyone.

By bringing people, ideas and funding together these savvy women donors give to play a part in ensuring that Sydney is a place where all women and girls can achieve their full potential.

The shared goal of the women who give is to make Sydney a fairer community, to making lasting change so that women and children can thrive. Support for women’s education, learning and training is a key goal and for talented women to achieve their goals as artists enriching Sydney’s cultural life.

Through strategic giving the Sydney Women’s Fund supports the wider work of the Sydney Community Foundation.

The Sydney Community Foundation is Sydney’s first and only independent community foundation. We provide evidence-based, responsible strategic advice to donors on how best to share their wealth to improve the lives of others. We invest funds prudently.

We are a not for profit fund that raises donations to invest in Sydney and its people now and for the long term.  Through funding grass-roots organisations across Sydney, supporting their great work, we have been transforming the lives of individuals and families. 

Our impact on young families, older people, and people from culturally diverse background has been to provide education, re-skilling and training; shelter and improved safety, a growing sense of belonging and wellbeing, to create stronger local communities.

Sydney Women’s Fund is in this for the long haul. It:

·         Gives to projects that change the lives of women and girls

·         Gathers  evidence  on issues impacting on women’s lives

·         Advocates for women’s safety, shelter, education, employment and independence

Please give for women and girls in Sydney and join our circle of generous women.

Jane Jose

Chief Executive Officer

Sydney Community Foundation

Level 2, 40 Gloucester Street, The Rocks

T: 9251 1228


THE PORTRAIT PROJECT (A portrait of Women and girls in Greater Sydney)

The Portrait Project is a major initiative of the Sydney Women’s Fund to undertake groundbreaking, comprehensive research into the status of women and girls in Greater Sydney, and use this much needed evidence to plan future action.

 This project was initiated two years ago and is designed to paint a detailed 'portrait' of Sydney’s women and girls, giving us a deeper insight into their circumstances, challenges and aspirations.

 The research, launched on 5 March 2012, provides a vital evidence base for guiding an informed, long-term investment strategy to tap the full potential of the women and girls of Sydney.

The focus for the Portrait Project is now to use the research findings to:

• Inform and educate the community of Greater Sydney about the greatest, and often hidden, areas of need for the women and girls of Sydney
• Engage leaders from all sectors to make commitments to support women and girls
• Develop a long term agenda for investment in women and girls to help address their most pressing challenges

We are excited about the dialogue sparked by this research project – among potential donors, among leaders from the public, private and not for profit sectors, and the community in general. This gives us confidence that together we can make lasting change to the often hidden areas of disadvantage for Sydney’s women and girls.

Our goal

Evidence from The Portrait Project is enabling the Sydney Women’s Fund to strategically direct grants towards carefully selected, grassroots initiatives that provide innovative solutions to the critical issues faced by Sydney’s women and girls.

These projects do not normally receive funding from any other source. Some require immediate funding – others are yet to be identified. We have a goal to connect $3 million in donors’ funds with projects that make lasting change. We pool donations and distribute the funds in the form of grants. The projects will focus on the five groups of women most in need.

Your contribution to this pool of funds will help make lasting change where it’s needed most in Sydney. Any sized donation is welcomed, and we have flexible donation options. 

Contact us:

Executive Director
Ph: 9251 1228

This publication, and the five background papers on which it is based, were prepared for the Sydney Women’s Fund, a sub fund of the Sydney Community Foundation by: Alison Ziller, Director, Australia Street Company Pty Ltd and Elizabeth Delaney, Principal,Community Dimensions Pty Ltd and funded by a grant from Barclays.