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More than 600,000 Sydneysiders need the generous support of people like you. 

15% of the Sydney population live in poverty

They are women and children, migrants and refugee families, young and old.

With so much wealth in our iconic city, it is surprising that such a divide is possible, but for too many Sydneysiders the struggle is real and right here. 

Our strength is helping others to find theirs.

We unearth innovative projects making a difference for
people in need, right here in Sydney.

And we need your help.

Imagine you could keep a teenager at risk in school...

(ABC News: Lateline reporter John Stewart covers RISE project 'Does suspending students change their behaviour?'

...becoming the first in three generations to graduate.


You could stop a girl being trafficked into prostitution...

...give her the tools and education to choose her own destiny.


You could give a migrant or refugee a new start...

...a real skill, a paid job and pathway to actual employment.


You could keep families together...


...and understand how it feels to know YOU were the difference.

You  can BE the change!

$10,000 will kick start a social enterprise for a women's friendship sewing circle providing paid work for refugees

$5000 will keep teenagers off the streets and in school

$1000 will sponsor a woman through our micro business incubator

$500 will support new mothers suffering post natal depression and anxiety

$100 will provide food for a domestic violence survivor in a retreat as she heals

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


How else can you help?

If your organisation can help with in-kind support or donations,  we'd love to hear from you.

If you have business skills you'd like to share, vouchers or items that could make great prizes, clothing or supplies for a sewing circle or coffee shop please contact us.


Think we might be a good fit for a partnership?

We are the small grant specialists. We give a little, a lot.

Focusing just on Sydney we know the local community charities and champions doing innovative work and can help guide your giving to have the greatest impact.

Please call us on 02 9251 1228 or
email: GiveSydney[at][dot]au 

Thank you!

Together we're building stronger Sydney communities.