The Sydney Community Foundation is built on a base of strong governance, trust and committment to the community.


People want their charitable gifts to be taken care of in the way they intended in their lifetime and beyond. Sydney Community Foundation is structured to ensure a gift will be invested wisely and in perpetuity.


As a public not-for-profit foundation dedicated to pooling resources and increasing charitable dollars as well as leveraging them for maximum impact, we offer donors giving options that meet and reflect their interests and needs. Some donors want to see immediate impact and give and raise funds for particular purposes. Others establish sub-funds to take away the hassle of administration and to achieve tax deductibility knowing they are doing this with their gift going to a good purpose.


Unlike Private Foundations, Community Foundations can have a new sub-fund, giving circle or family fund up and running very quickly and simply.


We are here for the long term. The board, as Trustee, makes the final decisions about grantmaking, however the intent of donors is important in every decision. We ensure our donors’ charitable priorities will always be honored through changing times and circumstances. Flexibility is one of our greatest assets as is our ability to create tailored charitable giving opportunities. 

Sydney Community Foundation offers donors 

  • Strong Governance
  • Managed, pooled philanthropic investments
  • Community of donors
  • Specialist community grantmaker, with specific Sydney area expertise
  • Grantmaking support and services
  • Flexibility in Fund Management
  • Many options for engaged giving
  • Philanthropy services