Join Sydney Women's Giving Circle

Sydney Women's Giving Circle, founded by Catherine Fox & Julia Quinn, brings together generous Sydneysiders, empowering their giving to help all women and girls of Sydney thrive through supporting our Sydney Women's Fund and its priority projects.

Empower Your Giving.

Join Sydney Women's Fund's newest Giving Circle!

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(Photo by Yann LeBerre)

Join our Sydney Women's Giving Circle.

Established by Catherine Fox & Julia Quinn.

The Sydney Women's Giving Circle is a practical way for supporters to pool donations and better impact the lives of women and girls who are facing tough times everyday across Sydney.

The circle aims to raise $75,000 for 3 of Sydney Women's Fund's 2017 priority projects.

Please get in touch to learn about giving with impact and become part of an inspiring group of women making a real difference in our beautiful city. 

#CollectiveGiving - the new black

Giving Circles have become a popular way of investing financial, personal and professional resources by a group of people interested in supporting an area of need. 

Our focus is on donating to programs that give women the ability to build their own financial security at different stages of their lives. 

It's a way to give back in our local community with more impact and to be involved with a group of passionate and generous donors. 

Our Target

In 2017 we aspire to raise $75,000 to fund three local projects supporting women and girls in need, right here in Sydney:

​Each year the Sydney Women's Giving Circle will select a new group of projects to fund that will make a difference to the lives and future of women and girls in our city.

The Sydney Women's Giving Circle is a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation's Sydney Women's Fund and donations are tax deductible.

Click the link below to join us and make your donation via our secure page:

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