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Our Vision – Sydney Community Foundation
Our Vision2018-12-03T06:18:25+01:00


An inclusive and kind Sydney where all communities can thrive.


We connect funds to programs that strengthen Sydney’s communities.


We are creative and progressive

We collaborate and work in partnership

We are trusted experienced and knowledgeable

We deliver impact and change

Bringing together the people of Sydney to share the joy of giving

How we work

We encourage local giving, to fund high impact, grassroots projects in the Greater Sydney area. Our aim is to lessen the divide and provide all Sydneysiders the opportunity to thrive.

We focus in particular on supporting local communities in need through our place-based philanthropy program and on improving the wellbeing of women and families through our Sydney Women’s Fund.

We’re guided to success by four pillars


 Safety & Independence

 Education & Employment

 Transforming Place

Why Sydney?

Over half a million Sydneysiders are living in poverty. Learn how access to education and opportunities can empower people to independence and a better life.

Be a creator of lasting change. Join ‘Belong’
our monthly giving community.

Want to give local with impact? Let us connect
you to innovative grassroots changemakers.

Leave a legacy for future generations. Ask us
about making a gift in your will.

Join Sydney Women’s Fund. Help us create
opportunities for women and girls to thrive.

Want to give local with impact? Let us connect
you to innovative grassroots changemakers.

Other ways to help

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, we have opportunities for you to make an impact. You can attend one of our events or start a philanthropy partnership for your business.


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