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Our city, our community, and our future. 

Connecting you to the grassroots charities of Sydney, we create a unique community and philanthropic experience for our partners.

Creative community engagement, bespoke Corporate Social Responsibility projects, co-branding partnerships, and social enterprise programs that educate and empower.

If you’re looking for a unique giving experience, get in touch. We’d love to share your joy, as you realise your potential as a changemaker.

From large corporates and private foundations, to small business, boutique design houses and entrepreneurs.

Together, we’re building stronger Sydney communities. 

Start the journey…

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Learn how you can create meaningful opportunities for locals most in need.

Loredana Fyffe, CEO

P. (02) 8030 7050 

Jane Jose, Loredana Fyffe, Sydney Community Foundation, Sydney Women's Fund, Be Kind Sydney

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