Sydney Community Foundation commissions research to inform our grant-making. 

The Common Cause Report 2009 was commissioned in collaboration by; United Way Sydney, Sydney Community Foundation, The Centre for Social Impact, Community Relations Commission for a multicultural NSW and the Perpetual Foundation.

From the report Sydney Community Foundation identified 'belonging' as an early grant-making focus. Belonging remains a key area of our work and has become one the four pillars of our work.

The Sydney Women’s Fund commissioned the Portrait of Women and Girls in Greater Sydney research report into the state of Women and Girls in Western Sydney. This remains relevant to our work. It continues to provide a vital evidence base to guide an informed, long-term investment strategy to tap the full potential of the women and girls of Sydney.

Priority projects arising from The Portrait have focused on the following cause areas:

  • Older women at risk of homelessness 
  • Aboriginal Women 
  • Young women and girls in low income areas 
  • Migrant and Refugee women
  • Women who are Carers

​​Links to Portrait background papers:

A further piece of research was commissioned by Sydney Community Foundation in 2013; Mapping Philanthropic Investment in South Western Sydney. It’s purpose was to generate a picture of philanthropic investment in western and south western Sydney Local Government Areas (LGA’s) and to encourage philanthropists to invest more in grassroots community led not for profit organisations. It showed that only 2% of the philanthropic dollars given in Sydney go to Western Sydney compared to a  national average of 10% in other areas.

Together, The Portrait of Women and Girls in Greater Sydney and Mapping Philanthropic Investment in South Western Sydney have informed the establishment of Sydney Community Foundation’s Place-Based Philanthropy program. Women and girls remain a central focus of the projects we fund within our broader Place-based Philanthropy program, now known as ProjectWow! It is widely recognised that women in particular are integral to healing place.

In 2015, Sydney Women's Fund commissioned a report on women's safety. Portrait II - Building Safety and Independence for women and girls in Greater Sydney includes the current strategies by government, community and non-profit organisations to lessen the occurrence and impact of domestic violence. The report highlights ways in which philanthropists can contribute.


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