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Starting a Giving Fund

Starting a Giving Fund is a great way to commence your philanthropic journey.

It's like starting a foundation without all the fuss and expense. 

Setting up a fund is an easy and great way to involve family members or an entire company in a meaningful and fulfilling giving experience.

For you, your family and friends, a sub-fund can be a tribute, acknowledging a life well lived. It  gives you the chance to provide community assistance at a grass-roots, high impact level.

Giving Funds can be named in memory of a loved one, for your family, a workplace or the cause you wish to support.

“Our family established the John Skipper Kelly Fund in 2010, in memory of our father – John Skipper Kelly, who passed away in an accident on 30th December, 2010. John was a passionate man who affected many through his exuberance for life and his determination to make a difference where he could. The SCF structure allows us to continue to raise funds, and distribute them to our preferred charities."

John Skipper Kelly family fund

A named Giving Fund is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

By establishing a Giving Fund you decide which causes are important to you and what will you support. Plus, with a community foundation, you can encourage others to give tax-deductible donations to scale your impact faster.

Once a year, every year, you can discuss with Sydney Community Foundation how the income earned on your named fund is distributed.

You can request to support a particular organisation, cause or area of interest that is meaningful for you (and that is eligible according to the Deed of Trust of the Sydney Community Foundation).

“We are passionate about progressing women from all cultures and backgrounds and we believe strongly in embodying this within our organisation and the broader industry we work in.

Iceni is a management consultancy delivering program/project management services in Government for the public good.

We started the Iceni sub-fund of Sydney Women’s Fund to provide a focal point to direct charitable efforts in line with our values as an organisation."

Georgina Legoe & Junitha Giles, Iceni corporate sub-fund

Learn more…

Email us if you would like more information on how to establish a Giving Fund with Sydney Community Foundation, or phone (02) 8030 7050.

An 'Immediate Impact' giving fund is designed so that you can donate or raise funds and grant regularly. You can begin an Immediate Impact Fund with as little as $2,000.

A 'Seed Fund' allows you to set up a giving fund with a vision to grow it over time to enable giving in the medium to long term.

An 'Endowment' giving fund lives on in perpetuity and the interest is granted annually. You choose the causes you would like to support and the Sydney Community Foundation Trustees will make grants to those causes 'now and forever'.

Learn more about the Sydney Community Foundation documents on the Giving Fund Form below. 

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