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Turbans 4 Australia Sub Fund 

Amar Singh – Founder, Turbans 4 Australia

Amar Singh believes helping others should not be limited by religion, language or cultural background.

Since 2015, Turbans 4 Australia has specialised in providing emergency goods to people in need regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.

Currently Turbans 4 Australia are focused on “Food Relief campaign Sydney and Melbourne."

Turbans 4 Australia has been running food relief, providing hundreds of free hampers weekly to members of the public-facing food insecurity due to the rising cost of living.

Please donate generously; your donation can help put food on the table for a needy family.

$20 will help feed an individual for three days. 
$50 will help feed an individual for a week
$250 will help feed a family of 2 for a week
$500 will help feed two families for a week
$1,000 will help feed four families for a week

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.