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Turbans 4 Australia Sub Fund 

Amar Singh – Founder, Turbans 4 Australia

Amar Singh believes helping others should not be limited by religion, language or cultural background.

Since 2015, Turbans 4 Australia has specialised in providing emergency goods to people in need regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.

Turbans 4 Australia in partnership with our local team at Woodburn is leading the rebuilding mission, supporting the Hands & Heart project.

We're here showing up for our community as 5,000 Northern Rivers locals process the devastating news that only 1,400 of 6,400 applicants were approved for a house raising, retro refit, or buyback grants. 

16 months is an excessive amount of time to wait, and now many need help figuring out where to turn. So, we're on a community-led mission to raise some money and fix the homes of 100 most at-risk community members over ten days. 

It's a mission, a big one. But, with many hands, big things can happen. When the system has failed us in the past, our people keep showing up. We're in dire straights right now, and we're asking you to dig deep and help everyday Aussies living in the toughest, cold conditions right now. Every dollar and every hour counts. 

Who's behind this?
A massive team of 50+ volunteers from across the region and over 100 trades have already signed up.