Sydney Community Foundation, established in 2004, has over a decades experience connecting philanthropy with Sydney communities in most need.

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Sydney Community Foundation

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Sydney Women’s Fund & Be Kind Sydney

Sydney Community Foundation has grown its reach and impact by establishing initiatives to support two key cause areas.

Sydney Women’s Fund empowering women and girls

Be Kind Sydney empowering women and communities

Sydney Community Foundation, established in 2004, has over a decade of experience connecting philanthropy with Sydney communities in most need.

Small grant specialists, SCF has overseen the distribution of almost $3 million to innovative, grassroots charities who design and run projects that support vulnerable people in the Greater Sydney area. Grants ranging between $5,000 to $100,000 have supported projects that create belonging; education and employment pathways; build safety and independence; and transform place.

As Sydney’s only independent community foundation with a local geographic focus, SCF has the granting expertise to guide giving from Private Ancillary Funds; corporates; and individuals; to local high-impact projects that are community led, sustainable social investments.

SCF projects recognise the barriers faced by those struggling in our city, alleviating poverty and suffering by encouraging the strengths of the individual in their journey to independence. Supporting people one-by-one, we build stronger communities.

SCF is growing its funds under management, so that more can be granted each year, creating stronger Sydney communities for today and future generations.

Established in 2008 as a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation, Sydney Women’s Fund (SWF) is changing lives for women and girls, growing financial security and women’s independence and giving women the opportunity to determine their own future.

SWF has a 10 year history of advocating gender lens giving to programs in the Greater Sydney area. Its ‘Portrait’ research forms an evidence base to inform Government; Private Ancillary Funds; corporates; and individuals; on resource gaps in social investment in women and girls and to guide their granting to greater equality and impact.

With Sydney Women’s Fund support, one social enterprise has become five, providing employment to people in need; a business skills class a retail shop; at-risk youth the first in three generations to finish school; young girls saved from prostitution and empowered to make better life choices; long-term unemployed re-skilled and job ready; domestic violence survivors counselled and supported; refugee women, tortured and traumatised, are gently supported to recovery and a new life with their families in Sydney.

Led and supported by a community of Sydney’s leading professional and business women in philanthropy, SWF invests, inspires and supports opportunities for local women and girls to thrive.

Our most recent Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait III Research by Dr Rebecca Huntley and Essential Research is a case for funding programs to give women skills and education to build greater financial security.

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Born out of a love for this place we all call home, and from the work of parent organisation Sydney Community Foundation and its famous Sydney Women’s Fund.

Be Kind Sydney was created following the success of our place-based philanthropy program, which has supported women and families in some of Sydney’s most disadvantaged postcodes and built a stronger sense of community.

Our recent research, and fifteen years experience granting to Sydney’s grassroots charities, tells us we can make the most change by giving to programs supporting women and aiming to create stronger communities.

And, we know the best way to do it is to Educate and Empower.

Working with local Sydney charities and grassroots champions, Be Kind Sydney co-designs programs to help those struggling in our city. Together, we innovate to give people experiencing poverty and suffering the chance to create their own futures.

A Public Benevolent Institution, this DGR1 structure enables us to accept donations from Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) for the first time.

Using our local knowledge, we can now better support the trustees of established charitable trusts and foundations to grant for impact to Sydney’s many grassroots charities, helping them make a difference to Sydneysiders most in need.

Be Kind Sydney exists to leave no-one behind.