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Supporting young people to enhance their skills & leadership potential

Our family established the John Skipper Kelly Fund in 2010, in memory of our father – John Skipper Kelly, who passed away in an accident on 30th December, 2010. John was a passionate man who affected many through his exuberance for life and his determination to make a difference where he could. In the latter part of his life, this was working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why we started a sub-fund with Sydney Community Foundation

The values of the Sydney Community Foundation align well with the JSK Fund. The SCF structure allows us to continue to raise funds, and distribute them to our preferred charities. 

What we do

The object of the JSK fund is to provide money to support programs for young people to enhance their leadership potential and skills so they can participate meaningfully in the wider community.

Our achievements

Over the past 5 years we’ve raised over $250, 000, of which we’ve distributed over $100, 000 to projects and organisations in line with our mission.

We have been able to fund the Activate Project, providing leadership camps and training for young Indigenous people in Broad Meadows and other disadvantaged communities in Victoria. We have also supported Oz-Green who provide leadership opportunities for young people to learn about environmental sustainability. Finally, we have funded Bright Spots, who support exceptional school leaders in disadvantaged schools to improve the outcomes of their students.     

What’s next?

We will continue to passionately continue Dads legacy, expanding our networks and friends in support of our mission. With the Running for JSK team, we have been able to inspire over 200 people to get fit and run the city2surf, raising funds and awareness for the JSK Fund.

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