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Parramatta Community Fund

Parramatta Community Fund

The Parramatta Community Fund is an incubator for place-based philanthropy in Parramatta. The Fund wants to encourage members of the City of Parramatta Community to give where they live.

The Parramatta Community Fund is a not for profit entity underneath the umbrella of the Sydney Community Foundation. It is for all communities and suburbs that make up the City of Parramatta Local Government Area.

Through grant making, the Parramatta Community Fund will address our communities needs and assist people who are suffering from disadvantage. The Fund will also support local projects that foster cohesion, social sustainability and culture.

Make a Donation and Support Local Communities

You can make a donation to the Parramatta Community Fund, including the option to give in-kind support to specific projects.

Tax deductable donations of $2 or more are pooled together in an endowment fund and invested. The funds will be disbursed to eligible recipient organisations through a grants process.

Make your Donation Now

Place-based giving can be a powerful way to transform our community for the better.

The Parramatta Community Fund will be directed by a community based Advisory Committee.

If you have any questions or are interested in contributing your skills or time to the Parramatta Community Fund, please contact Sharmila Falzon

p: 9806 5234